Notes From the Dead

Reaction #1 (0 – 100 nanoseconds): Yay!  A note from my dad!  I miss him.

Reaction #2 (101 nanoseconds – 1.5 seconds): Cool, it must be a note that got locked in the system somehow and just released.  I hope there are more.

Reaction #3 (1.51 seconds +): The account has been hacked.

A dream: “Hey mija, it’s your dad, guess you aren’t answering your phone… so I’m going to leave you a long annoying message like you hate.  Really sorry I haven’t talked to you in a long time, I’ve been having to hide out in a cabin in Wyoming so that Sandy can’t find me and there’s no reception.  Hopefully I can come home soon.  Love you and I’ll try to call again later.  Okay, bye.  Oh also, what was the name of that chocolate beer I really liked?  Okay, bye, love you!”

I also had a dream once that I poured cumin over my breakfast cereal.  It was delicious.  Turns out – that’s disgusting.

Notes From the Dead